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After a car accident, you should seek immediate medical attention, then you will most likely need the help of a lawyer who deals with accidents and can ensure that your rights are protected. It is better to have a lawyer specializing in car accidents who knows all the intricacies of managing and winning such a case, collecting evidence, and who is not intimidated by the court system.
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I have been injured in a car accident. Do I need an accident lawyer?
If you have been injured in a car accident, most likely you have the following questions:

  • How can I pay for my medical expenses?
  • Who will pay for the repair of my car?
  • How will I get compensation for long-term treatment and rehabilitation if my injuries need long-term treatment?
  • How can I deal with these and other costs if I have to take time off work?
  • How can I protect my family's financial security in the future if I have to quit my job altogether?
The answers to these questions can have a significant impact on your life and the life of your family. Our lawyers are ready to answer them, help navigate the situation, suggest and implement a plan of action in court.
Important steps to take after an accident
The actions you take and the decisions you make after a car accident can be critical to the outcome of your claim and the amount of compensation you receive. Here are the critical steps to take after a major car accident.
File a police report
Stay at the scene of the accident and contact the police. When they arrive, state your version of the circumstances so that it goes into the police record. You should also receive the badge number and name of the person in charge and his or her department. Better write this down. The police report is usually available from the department a few days after the incident. It is very important to get a signed copy. Suppose you are injured and cannot do so. In that case, your lawyer can help you obtain a police report that contains important details, including the date, time, and location of the car accident, as well as a version of the officer giving his assessment of the incident. This can be valuable evidence for you.
Collect and save all evidence
Physical evidence at the scene of an accident may include wreckage from vehicles involved, torn or bloody clothing, tire skid marks, etc. Take photos and videos of the crash site showing the location and position of vehicles. Get information from other participants in the accident, including driver's license, vehicle insurance details, license plate, contact information, etc. If possible, talk to other people at the scene who may have witnessed the accident. These people may disperse soon after the accident, so it is vital to speak to them immediately and get their contact details if you need to talk to them later. Eyewitness testimony is extremely valuable as it can help corroborate your testimony throughout the entire case. The vehicles themselves are also important physical evidence that must be retained for examination. Often in such cases, a crash reconstruction expert gathers all the evidence to effectively explain why the accident occurred or how it all happened. An experienced car accident lawyer can help preserve vital evidence by writing a letter to the appropriate parties. This helps to ensure that evidence in a car accident is not lost or destroyed later.
Get prompt medical attention
If you are injured, it is very important to accept help at the scene and ask to be taken to the nearest hospital or emergency room. Even if you are confident that you have not suffered a severe injury, our car accident lawyers strongly recommend that you visit a doctor. Some injuries from car accidents, such as whiplash, do not appear immediately and may take days or weeks for you to feel symptoms. When you receive timely medical attention, you increase your chances of a faster recovery. Also, you create a record documenting your injuries and the treatment you received. This can prevent a “treatment gap” from working against you.
Fewer words
It is in your best interest to call the insurance company and give the details of the accident. However, you should refrain from communicating with the insurance companies or regulators of the other party, as well as their lawyers. Remember that anything you say can and is likely to be used against you. Do not post any details about the incident on social media or on the Internet (for example, written messages, photos, or videos). They can also be used against you. In fact, it would be better to suspend your social network and similar online activity until your case is resolved.
See an experienced personal injury lawyer
Many victims of accidents are forced to take leave from work or stop working until they recover, which means they lose income over a long period. This is why car accidents are physically traumatic and emotionally and financially draining for victims and their families. Therefore, you need an experienced car accident and injury lawyer who will fight for your rights and help your file a claim so that you can get the compensation that you rightfully deserve.
Negligence is the leading cause of car accidents
In the event of an accident, negligence is a major factor in establishing guilt and responsibility. The vast majority of road traffic accidents are caused by human error, negligence, or even willful misconduct. Drivers are responsible for the safe operation of their vehicles. They are responsible for looking after all other road users, including their own passengers. Plaintiffs or car accident victims may have to prove the other party was negligent.
Some of the most common causes of car accidents that can lead to injury and/or death are:
Unsafe left turn: One of the most common collisions is an unsafe left turn. In most cases, the driver tries to turn left across the stream when they do not have enough time to wait for the passage to clear to avoid a collision.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs: When a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, his judgment is not clear, which increases the risk of a car accident. When a driver, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, becomes the culprit of an accident, he may be financially liable for the victim's losses. If both participants in the accident were drunk and caused an accident, then this would be tantamount to negligence.

Distracted Driving: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines distraction as any activity that causes drivers to take their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel, or shift their focus away from driving. These distractions include eating, drinking, grooming, using a cell phone, fiddling with the radio or GPS, talking to a passenger, keeping a pet in the car without a leash, and others.

Sleepy driving: Not many drivers realize that they are careless when driving tired or sleepy. Tiring driving can lead to catastrophic or even fatal accidents. Drowsy driving affects your ability to drive safely as attention, reaction time, and the ability to make good decisions can be severely impaired. Sleepy driving is equivalent to careless driving, and tired drivers can be held liable for the car accidents they cause.

Violation of traffic rules: All drivers are required to comply with traffic rules, including stopping at red lights and stop signals, giving way to other vehicles and pedestrians, making safe turns and changing lanes, observing speed limits, and so on. When drivers knowingly or unintentionally violate these rules and cause an accident, they can be financially liable for their injuries and losses.
How much does an accident case cost?
The cost of the claim will depend on the nature and extent of the injury and the degree of the defendant's negligence. Every car accident is unique, and there is no clear formula to determine the value of each accident. However, here are some of the factors that affect the amount of compensation you can receive.
Vehicle damage: Your insurance company will assess the damage to the vehicle. This is what is most likely to be included in your accident report. You will be able to receive compensation for any repairs that have been made to your vehicle or if your vehicle cannot be repaired, the cost of replacing the vehicle.

Medical expenses: You can claim reimbursement for all medical expenses related to the accident, including ambulance transportation, emergency expenses, hospital visits, surgery, drugs, medical equipment, and more. You can also be compensated for any type of rehabilitation therapy you may need to fully recover, such as physical therapy or chiropractic care.

Lost Income: Includes any wages or income and benefits that you may have lost as a result of your injuries as a result of having to stay in the hospital and stay at home. You can also include loss of earning ability or loss of livelihood. This often happens when victims are severely injured, such as amputations, paralysis, or head injuries, and cannot return to work or earn a living.

Pain and suffering: These are known as non-economic loss or damage and are difficult to quantify. These include compensation for the physical pain and discomfort you experience after the accident, as well as emotional distress. Many victims of car accidents suffer from psychological problems such as depression and PTSD.
An experienced car accident lawyer can help you document all of your losses and help determine the value of your claim.
It is also very important that you not sign any legal forms or enter into contracts without consulting your lawyer. This can jeopardize your ability to seek full compensation for all of your losses.
In cases of serious injury, it can take several months to get the full picture. Suppose you rush to negotiate with the insurance company. In that case, your case will be closed, and you will not be able to claim any additional compensation. Our lawyers have an extensive and positive experience in handling traffic accident claims. We will help you assess damages, file a claim, and represent you in court to ensure you receive maximum compensation.
If you are faced with any type of injury, he is ready to help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.
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