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The death of a loved one is always unbearable and unexpected. When this death is due to the fault of another person, it is even sadder. In this case, relatives have the right to get compensation from the perpetrator for the sudden death, damage, and any unexpected expenses that arise from the death of a loved one.
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When to contact a lawyer to file a sudden death claim
The heirs of the deceased must contact an attorney as soon as possible to file a sudden death lawsuit if the deceased died due to the wrongful act or omission of the other party.
There are two ways in which sudden death occurs:
1. an intentional act, attack
2. as a result of negligence.
Sudden death by willful act or assault
Intentional sudden deaths occur when someone deliberately killed your loved one or caused their death by deliberate assault. Such an act could be considered murder or manslaughter in the criminal justice system; however, a sudden death claim is filed in the civil justice system separately from any criminal charges or lawsuits that may arise from the same act.

In fact, even if the criminal trial has already taken place, you can still file a civil lawsuit for sudden death, even if the responsible party was found not guilty in their criminal trial. Since civil cases have a lower burden of proof than criminal cases, more often than many assume, the defendant is found not guilty in criminal proceedings but is liable in civil proceedings for the same act.
Sudden death by negligence
Not all sudden deaths are deliberate; some involve death due to the negligence of another person (or a legal entity such as a corporation).

Negligence occurs when someone does not show the concern for others that a reasonable person would under the same circumstances. In the case of sudden death by negligence, it is an action or inaction that leads to the death of another person.

One of the most common types of sudden deaths due to negligence is associated with car accidents. If the driver on the road caused the death of your loved one by negligence while driving, then you can sue the driver (or his insurance company) for the damage caused.

Other common causes of sudden death due to negligence include medical negligence, public transport accidents, freight transport accidents, neglect of the elderly, dangerous premises, defective consumer products, defective pharmaceuticals, etc.
Who can file a sudden death claim
A lawsuit for sudden death must be filed by the personal representative of the property of the deceased. As a rule, the personal representative is the heir and the next of kin. The personal representative will be determined by a decision of the heirs or, if a dispute arises, in a probate court.
Sudden death suits are filed on behalf of the deceased's immediate family members, including his spouse and children.
Losses subject to compensation in a lawsuit for sudden death
Losses in a wrongful death claim are both economic and non-economic.

Economic damage includes direct costs caused by sudden death, including funeral expenses, lost prospect of inheritance, lost wages and financial support, lost household, etc. For example, if your loved one had a lucrative career in the future, and you would inherit money earned by the deceased, you can seek foreclosure for that damage.

The non-economic damage is difficult to quantify, but it is nonetheless very real for the people involved. These include factors such as loss of society, love, camaraderie, leadership, or upbringing. The exact nature of these injuries will vary depending on your relationship with the deceased. For example, suppose you were the spouse of a deceased person. In that case, you are more likely to receive losses for the loss of a breadwinner. In contrast, if you were a child, you are more likely to receive losses for the loss of a parent or upbringing. The amount will also vary depending on the strength of your relationship with the deceased, which you may have to prove in court.
There are several types of damages that you may not be able to recover in a sudden death lawsuit. For example, you generally won't be allowed to make amends for your pain or grief from a loss, no matter how real your pain may be.
Penal damages, which are awarded only to punish the defendant, are a more complex issue. In some jurisdictions, they are prohibited in cases of sudden death, but in others, early death attorneys may collect them for you.

Damage from sudden death also accumulates over time from the moment of death. However, you should not wait to file a sudden death claim because your case may be subject to a statute of limitations limiting your ability to file a claim after a certain period (usually about two years).
Survival actions
A survival action is intended to make up for the damage caused to the deceased in the period between his injury and death. This differs from a lawsuit for sudden death, which seeks to recover damages incurred by the survivors rather than the deceased themselves.

For example, the deceased may have experienced some degree of pain and suffering in the period leading up to his death or may have lost wages during this time. The damage caused throughout a survival course will vary significantly depending on how much and how the deceased suffered before dying.

Like a lawsuit for sudden death, a lawsuit for survival is filed by a representative of the deceased's property. However, it is filed on behalf of the deceased, not living relatives, and the damage will go directly to the deceased's property and not to the living.

Although survival actions are separate from wrongful death lawsuits, they can be combined in some circumstances.
Complex cases of sudden death
Sudden death claims and survival actions are, by their very nature, difficult to process. They are some of the most emotionally difficult personal injury cases for clients. They can also affect the lawyers involved. This is why you should only file such a lawsuit with a lawyer you truly trust and professional enough to have strong resources at heart.

No amount of money can return a loved one or satisfy your grief. However, punishment for sudden death can significantly change the quality of life of loved ones who have lost a loved one too early. This can save you from financial ruin during your time of grief. And while the emotional loss of a loved one is always incalculable, early death payments give many clients a strong sense that some kind of justice has been achieved.
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