He is a true personal injury specialist with many years of successful experience representing clients and helping them recover compensation for their injuries.

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is an experienced PERSONAL Injury Attorney
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Brian King has consistently featured in New York's Top Verdicts.
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Attorney Brian King was successful in thousands of cases over several decades of his distinguished legal career.
Many cases were resolved with compensation of over a million dollars.
Brian King helps his clients recover maximum compensation for their accident related injuries.
Attorney Brian Kings will fight to get every client the best possible result and the maximum compensation.
Attorney King is comfortable going to court to maximize compensation and he fights against the insurance companies to achieve maximum compensation for his clients.
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If you are faced with any type of injury, he is ready to help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.
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If you have been hurt in a car, truck, bus, sidewalk, construction accident or any other type of accident our office can help you and we can fight for you to make sure you asreceive maximum compensation.
Many victims do not fully know their rights and dishonest people take advantage of them.
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